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Welcome to Ms. Bardin's Classroom website! Please take a moment and look around. 

Please Note: This website will be updated almost daily. If it has not been updated, a major important assignment or Fieldwork has taken up Ms. Bardin's time. She promises to get it updated quickly!

Meet Ms. Bardin!

I am a 2015 graduate from Southern Utah University. I graduated with my bachelors degree in English Education. This is my fifth year at Venture Academy. I love reading, writing, and teaching more than anything! 

I am the youngest of five children. I have three older brothers and a twin sister.

I come from a family of teachers. My mother is a 2nd grade teacher at Farr West Elementary, my oldest brother is a Spanish teacher at Mount Timpanogas Middle School, and my twin sister is a 6th grade teacher at Mountain View Elementary. Teaching runs in our blood!

And I love Marvel Comics! Captain America is my absolute favorite! I collect a lot of Marvel related things, especially Funko Pop figures. 

Announcements - This page contains information about upcoming middle school, crew, or school events and activities.

Workshops 1-4 - This page is for my Language Arts Workshops. This page has information about this year's expedition, daily assignments and homework, and any long term projects we are working on.

Elective - This page is for my current elective for the quarter. It will have information about what the class is learning and what sort of assignments we are working on, or are due.

Bardin Crew - This is for the Marvelous Bardin Crew. This page will have information about upcoming crew events like Mega Crew and who is the weekly crew leader.

Contact - If you need to contact me, please use this page. The message sent from this site will automatically be sent to my school email.

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